Koninklijk Circus

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Weldra zal er hier een Nederlandstalige tekst staan, nog even geduld.

He was born in Hacavera village of Macka in Trabzon in 1967. He finished primary and high-school in his birth place Macka. He started ITU Turkish Music State Conversatory in 1983-1984. He graduated in 1987-1988 from conversatory and started master education in ITU Social Sciences at the same year. He finished his master education in 1991-1992.

He started his music and art life with ‘Suların Horon Yeri’ in 1987 which he collected his eclectic works of Macka district. He defined Volkan Konak music and style with composing valuable poets’ works like Sunay Akın, Yaşar Mirac, Ömer Kayaoğlu and Nazım Hikmet.

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Photo Volkan Konak