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vendredi 17.02.12
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The Musical Box The lamb lies down on Broadway

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The Musical Box is back with one of the most fascinating shows in Rock History! Again, they did receive the rights from Peter Gabriel and Genesis to re stage The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, which took originally place inbetween autumn 1974 and spring 1975.  Peter Gabriel left short time later in 1975 - maybe the most important era of Genesis has gone by.

The Muscial Box received international acclaim for their re-inactment of Genesis' "Foxtrot", "Selling England by the Pound" and "The Lamb lies down on Broadway" since 1992. The reason why they are performing these 3 specific Shows is, that there are no professional and complete DVD or Video on the market up to date. The "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" tour has gone into painstaking detail torecapture this important moment in Genesis history such as using original slides, movie projections, laser effects and the original Genesis set list from 1974/1975, all with the help of Genesis and the technicians involved in the original show.

6 years after the last "Lamb" tour, The Musical Box received again the rights to perform the show in 2012. One reason is for sure, the invitation of Serge Morissette, the visual director of The Musical Box, to London to help setting up the slide show on the 5.1. Box that has been released in 2009.

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